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Korean Beauty & Cometics - Oh my dear friends Daily KPOP News, I seriously have Daily KPOP News real, approved, and photographed ready to share here with you. I swear to you I made this Korean Beauty & Cometics, for your knowledge about KPOP! I honestly could not wait to share the news with you.

Tittle : Korean Beauty & Cometics
Description : Korean Beauty & Cometics


Korean Beauty & Cometics

Popular beauty cosmetic brands and products in Korea

Korean makeup is becoming increasingly popular due to advanced technology, use of high quality ingredients with affordable prices. Below are collection of best selling Korean makeup products in 2016 you can buy online or whilst in Korea.

Etude House


No.1 Personal Color Palette_Warm Tone Eyes
The shadow palette consists of 20 kinds of warm tone eye shadow colors in various textures.It expresses warm mood eye makeup.

No. 2 My Little Nut Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk
 With the hybrid of moisturizing effects and beautiful vivid colors, the Enamel Lips Talk will leave your lips dead-skin-free and smooth for a long time

No. 3 Any Cushion Cream Filter Spf33 Pa++
he cream filter cushion expresses delicate cream radiance with its triple filtering effect.

Tony Moly


No.1 Liptone Get It Tint
Available in 8 different colors, water fit texture allows moisturizing vivid lip look.

No. 2 Pokemon series hand cream
Cute pocket sized Pokemon hand cream, comes in 8 different flavors; Vanilla, lemon, green-tea, lavender, powder, peach, nelumbo and grape-fruit. 

No. 3 Cristal Blusher
Long lasting blusher with natural and elegant color turnout. Ideal for all occasions and comes in 6 colors. 




No.1 It's real squeeze mask pack
Face mask made of green tea extracts giving soothing and moisturizing effects. This Jeju green tea consists of tangerine, white lotus, camelia and orchid which are good for the skin. Mask is in three layers for longer moisturizing and good adherence

No 2. The green tea seed serum
Serum made with fresh green tea water with rich minerals and amino acid. Allows skin to be more fresh and moist with Korea Jeju's specialized green tea leaves. 

No. 3 Skinny volume mascara
Mascara with super slim bending brush for natural voluminous lashes. The brush applies mascara to each and every lash to create a natural yet fuller lash look. 



No.1 BB Cushion-Whitening
One of the most famous Laneige products,  a BB cushion with skin coverage which gives moisturized and vibrant complexion.

No. 2 Two tone lip bar
Two different colors meet and complete Two Tone Lip Bar. Two Tone Shadow Bar completes professional gradation makeup with a single touch.

No.3 Edge drawing eyeliner
Elastic stable felt tip for enhanced stability and ultimate control for achieving perfectly drawn and smudge-proof lines. Plus, it is quick drying and ideal for all-day wear. 

Finished it then ready to serve Korean Beauty & Cometics

I didn't even mention how much the KPOP Lovvers loved this Korean Beauty & Cometics, I won them over first with the love of them - they were in heaven! And this is definitely a news I would happily give out seconds to whoever asked!

What's your favorite takeout Korean Beauty & Cometicsto know at home? Leave your idea in the comment section below, I'd love to hear from you!

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